Who are Clover and the Twins?

Hi. I’m Niki Barrie. I started this blog to talk about my upcoming book, Clover and the Twins, the first of what I hope will be a series of  adventure novels for children about the adventures of a dog named Clover and her companions, ten-year-old twins, Bezel and Channel Sini. The Clover “trio” work for a dog rescue organization, Dogs Forever, which in the books is a national animal rescue and adoption organization. There is a real life counterpart that goes by the same name, which is a regional animal rescue in Iowa. I did a free pdf booklet with Nancy and Mike Crist, the founders of the actual Dogs Forever, which will be posted on their website soon (www.dog-rescue-iowa.org) if it isn’t there already.

If you want to know more about me, check my “About” page.

Come back. I’m soon going to post the first chapter of my book, which is the “Legend of the Cloverleaf Dogs.” This will tell you about Clover’s background and how her ancestors came to have the clover imprint on their ears (which they have passed down to their progeny). And when the book is finally published, I’ll let you know that too, but not before sharing more about it with you on this blog.


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