Therapy Dogs

I’ve decided that therapy dogs will be the focus of my next book.

Near the end of Clover and the Twins: The Search for the Cloverleaf Dogs, Channel and Bezel’s parents tell them they can keep the Cloverleaf dog family as long as they take them to training to be therapy dogs, so it seems a natural to have that be a running theme in the second book. Also near the end of the first book,  Dr. B.B. Einstein poses a threat for Clover. BB (as they refer to him) will be the next villain.

I’ll post some beginning text here after I do a bit of research on training therapy dogs.



4 thoughts on “Therapy Dogs

  1. My daughter in law in Raleigh NC has a dog that they adopted named Wilson. She has had him in training for becoming a therapy dog for a few months now and he is most well behaved. She is working now as a vet tech while she finishes her veterinarian degree. She only has a couple more more years and we are all so very proud of her, and Wilson!

    • When I audited the Therapy Dogs International classes, it seemed like there were an abundance of golden retrievers. Is Wilson a golden (I love his name)? There were other kinds of dogs too, from a beagle, to mix breeds to a Labrador and a Newfoundland and more. I wish your daughter in law and Wilson every success.

      • Wilson has some pit bull in him, he has a square face. He almost looks like a great dane in his face it is so square but his body is most definitely not a great dane. Wilson is Wilson. He is mixed breed and they adopted him as a puppy. He is a lovable, sweet, caring and well cared for doggie that couldn’t be happier to have been adopted 🙂 He seems to love his new line of work. I spoke with Sarah just yesterday via facebook and he has gone into about four different Nursing Homes already and they love him. He is not trained a “Help” dog and Sarah does not want to part with him, but already there are patients that want to keep him.

      • What great compliment could you have than a patient wanting to keep your dog!? Wilson must be something special.

        It does seem that some dogs are just meant to be therapy dogs. My dog — also a mix … chocolate lab and hound — has always had a “wild hair.” Once she gets on a scent, she can’t hear. She just runs like crazy following that scent. She’s nearly 10 years old now and calmed down a lot, but the therapy leader told me she thought Abby would rather be doing something else. That gave those close to me and Abby a good laugh because we know how she loves to play and run. She’s a very loving dog one on one and gets along great with people and other dogs. Personally, I think she’d make a great therapy dog as long as she wasn’t required to be with a lot of other dogs, because she’s too distracted by them. But she’s ten and last year she had a cancerous tumor removed from her leg, so I decided not to pursue it for her. I took Abby with me to one of my book signings and the kids were drawn to her.

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