Therapy Dogs Research

I’m still learning about therapy dogs through Therapy Dogs International (TDI) for my next book. I’ve attended a last class, the testing, and a first class, and this Friday, I am taking my dog Abby to a class for an evaluation. Personally, I don’t think Abby is a good candidate because she likes to bark and she has a wild side. She’s a good dog and not at all threatening, but, well, let me put it this way. When I first got Abby (she was about 9 months to a year old), I took her to dog training classes that were scheduled to run 6 weeks; Abby and I attended for nearly 6 months. And, believe it or not, she came to me after being trained in a dog rescue prison program.


11 thoughts on “Therapy Dogs Research

  1. Welcome to the RCC 🙂 My best friend has had a couple of her dogs that were therapy dogs. If you would be interested in picking her brain for your research please let me know. She is a great resource for anything dogs!!

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