Abby and Therapy Dogs

I took Abby to a therapy dog class on Friday to have her evaluated. She went through all the paces and did pretty good. On most of them anyway. For the separation exercise, I had to turn her over to a stranger and leave the building. They called me back in because they said Abby was anxious/stressed. She probably was, but while I was outside I did laugh (my laugh is distinctive) and talk with other people whose dogs were in the same exercise, and I think Abby knew I was out there and that’s why she barked. She’s done that before when I’ve gone to pick her up from grooming. As soon as she hears me (or maybe smells me, I don’t know), she barks and jumps.


At the end of class, the instructor said, “I think Abby would be happier doing something else.” Honestly,  Image I  think so too.




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